We are starting off this week with a blog post from one of our very favourite places – The City of London. The stunning scenery of the City offers a fabulous backdrop for weddings and engagement sessions. There is just so many photo opportunities that I never have enough time to photograph in one day. Yilin and Jason are getting married in just a few weeks time and they decided to have both of us (two photography ninjas) to document their special day from two different perspectives. There will be people from all around the world and we really look forward to meeting them all. Jason and Yilin were so easy to be around. Two people who are as happy together as these two tend to have a great effect on other people (including myself). We really couldn’t have asked for a better photo walk! We loved having the time to chat to Yilin and Jason during the walk, learning a little more about each of them and getting a feel for their wedding day plans.