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If you are looking for an alternative approach to photography and images that capture and preserve genuine, fleeting, precious moments, that are creative, unobtrusive, natural and stand out as pieces of fine art, whilst making you look relaxed and gorgeous, we can help, as we feel passionately about telling the unique story of each wedding artistically. Based in Herefordshire, West Midlands we cover the whole of the United Kingdom and even abroad if required.

Each of our engagements combine creativity with a photojournalistic perspective, capturing the story of a couple’s special day as it happens, whilst working closely with you to make sure your wedding photography is carefully crafted to your requirements. Please feel free to have a look around, our gallery has a selection of gorgeous weddings we photographed around the UK. Whatever the type of day you have planned we would love to hear all about it.

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I believe the best way to introduce myself and share my love for this job is to do it through photos. I have never been much for words, so it was a revelation to discover the volume I could speak through my photographs.

I am extremely grateful to be in such wonderful industry. I LOVE my job. It is an incredible privilege to be a part of someone’s wedding. Being invited to share that special day with you means a lot to us. I am blessed with such amazing people in my life that this industry has given me the opportunity to work with. I truly love every aspect of wedding photography and every single one of my clients. You are all the best and most talented people I have ever met along the way.

After graduating from University we settled down in one of the best areas the UK has to offer, Herefordshire. From a Midlands wedding photographer‘s point of view this area of the UK is truly incredible; the stunning scenery of the West Midlands offers a fabulous backdrop for a variety of wedding venues. In Herefordshire and Worcestershire alone, there are stately homes, historic castles, converted barns, priories, Georgian Hotels to name a few, in the West Midlands as a whole the list is endless, a photographers dream come true.

The moment I got my first camera was the moment that everything became clear. I was built for this. I am passionate about telling the story of each wedding artistically – preserving genuine, precious and fleeting moments from creative fine-art and photojournalistic perspective.

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The one thing that I love about our profession the most is getting to meet lots of lovely people and discovering fantastic new places across the whole of the UK. Based in Hereford, I’m perfectly suited to photograph weddings throughout the West Midlands including the neighbouring county of Worcestershire. I have been a Worcestershire wedding photographer a few times now and it’s so great that, after many years of experience, our clients can still surprise us with the uniqueness of their wedding and the personal touches that they introduce into their special day. We have experienced many types of weddings across the UK over the last few years and we LOVED them all. We are so excited about the fact that every wedding season brings something new, whether it is in the West Midlands or a new county that we haven’t been to before, or a new wedding venue, or simply the way your wedding day unfolds, we would love to be a part of it. If you are looking for a Worcestershire wedding photographer then look no further. We would be delighted and honoured to share one of the best days of your life with you and to capture it in the natural and creative documentary style without getting in the way of your wedding day. Share your vision with us and let us create some beautiful images that you will treasure forever.